Three Council staff members take part in a panel discussion on 2030 inside the Sydney Town Hall

Updated documents and report cards

Sustainable Sydney 2030 guides the development of the City of Sydney for the next 20 years and beyond. The City is incorporating that original vision into action and on the ground projects.

The 2030 Vision Document was updated to ensure its objectives and actions are contemporary and complied with local government legislation. The revised document (the Community Strategic Plan) was adopted in 2011 and contains the most current objectives and actions, but much less background detail.

The long term Community Strategic Plan is supported by the 4-year Corporate Plan and a detailed Operational Plan (including Budget) that sets out the city’s projects and activities for each year. These documents are all underpinned by a Resourcing Strategy, including an asset management plan, workforce plan and a long term financial plan.

Download the plans below.

Community Strategic Plan 2013

Resourcing Strategy 2013

Corporate Plan 2013 – 2016 

Operational Plan 2013/14