Looking up into the sky at three tall buildings

Strategic directions

The 2030 vision focuses on 10 strategic directions:

  1. A globally competitive and innovative City
  2. A leading environmental performer
  3. Integrated transport for a connected City
  4. A City for pedestrians and cyclists
  5. A lively, engaging City Centre
  6. Vibrant local communities and economies
  7. A cultural and creative City
  8. Housing for a diverse population
  9. Sustainable development, renewal and design
  10. Implementation through effective partnerships

The strategic directions link the City’s work to your vision for 2030.

Sydney 2030 – the conversations

Over 18 months, the City of Sydney talked to as many people as possible about their vision for Sydney 2030. We held more than 40 events and forums to consult with residents, community leaders, business people and a range of others.

We also gave people the chance to have their say at events and festival. Individuals and organisations provided formal submissions to the City, too.

  • 12,000 people were directly consulted
  • 200 website visitors commented online (and 15,000 people visited the site)
  • 2,000 + callers got in touch via our ‘Future Phone’ line
  • 130,000 + people went to Customs House when the vision was exhibited.

The 2030 Vision Document, featuring all the exhibition feedback, comments and submissions, was adopted by Council in June 2008.

Visit the resources section to download the Vision Document in full or by individual chapters.