Vision in 2030:

A blueprint for Sydney 2030

Vision in 2030

Sydney 2030 is about changing the way we live, work and enjoy our entertainment in the city; now and into the future. The blueprint for Sydney 2030 grew out of talking to people, asking how things could improve and what we can do to take the city forward.

The consultation phase was extensive; it lasted 18 months. And that was just the start. We then collated you responses, submissions and feedback and presented the findings in a 2030 Vision Document, which focused on 10 strategic directions.

Since the 2030 Vision Document was adopted by Council in June 2008, we have been presenting report cards to the community, highlighting our achievements annually.

In 2011 we incorporated the original vision into new strategic and resourcing plans.

All 2030 documents are available for download in the resources section.