The Lord Mayor speak to the media about Sydney 2030 at an event at Customs House

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Read the City of Sydney media releases to find out how we are working towards the targets outlined in our Sustainable Sydney 2030 program.

17 September 2014
Milk bar icons make come-back on Sydney streets
09 September 2014
Corroboree Sydney to educate more kids
07 September 2014
A snapshot of Australian Life from harsh to the fragile
04 September 2014
Friday night homage to the quarter acre block
27 August 2014
Sydney talent in small packages
25 August 2014
Family festival supports at-risk children
13 August 2014
Water brings fresh heart to Sydney Park
11 August 2014
Green space honours Green Bans heroine
11 August 2014
Sydney’s first underground system cleans up
26 July 2014
City’s parks provide plenty of satisfaction
24 July 2014
Hazard watch: Clean Out catches deadly poisons
23 July 2014
Green thumbs dig in for national tree day
17 July 2014
Smarter finance delivering low-carbon buildings
14 July 2014
Live theatre in your lounge room
10 July 2014
City of Sydney to lead global climate network
08 July 2014
Get ready for backyards, quarter acre blocks, milkbars, armchairs and trolleys!
29 June 2014
World walking leaders in-step for Sydney
26 June 2014
City pool a splash at architecture awards
26 June 2014
Top award shines spotlight on small business
23 June 2014
Mobile handset recycling service dials-up national award
16 June 2014
Taking the light road to a cooler future
12 June 2014
The future’s bright with solar
05 June 2014
Speed dating for a brighter, greener future
04 June 2014
City lauded for adding to night-time experiences
04 June 2014
Sustainability program is making Sydney greener and cleaner – and saving money
31 May 2014
De-clutter and do your bit for the planet
27 May 2014
New 40km/h speed limit zone a win for safety
16 May 2014
Culture and exercise for seniors after dark
14 May 2014
Zero tolerance in city school zones
12 May 2014
City’s $1.94 billion infrastructure program