People having a drink at Stitchbar.

Work + play

The way people work and play in the city is changing and we’re facilitating more change. When we spoke to you during our 2030 consultations, it became clear that the community wanted to access all the city has to offer and more, day and night, night and day.

Work wise, people are doing longer hours and/or working outside what was once considerer the normal business day. The workforce is also growing, in Central Sydney and in our villages. So the City is catering to more people, working different or extended hours, and many want to spend their leisure time in and around town.

That’s why we are committed to revitalising the city and giving residents, workers and visitors a chance to really experience it during the daytime. It’s all about providing places for people to meet and enjoy themselves. Public places where you can linger if you like.

When the sun sets, the city at night will be a magical place in 2030; offering something for everyone, young and old, local or international. The groundwork is well underway; we’re making sure Sydney is open for business – and open late!