Artists: Redfern Terrace Street Art Project

Eora Journey

During our Sydney 2030 consultations, many people said they wanted to know more about the Aboriginal owners of our City, who survived the years of first contact and whose ancestors thrive today.

From this need for knowledge, we devised a major project – called the Eora Journey – which will reassert our Aboriginal past and celebrate this ancient and living culture. The first pillar in this effort is the Redfern Terrace Project where artist Reko Rennie and local young people will transform a terrace on Caroline Street.

Eora Journey is a walking trail that takes you to a range of sites around the City that are significant to Aboriginal people. You’ll be familiar with some; others are guaranteed to give you fresh insight into Indigenous communities past and present.

The aim is to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and places while telling the story of Aboriginal life in Sydney. Along the trail, these stories will be told using Aboriginal forms of storytelling; murals and other artworks, monuments, signs featuring messages and prose, bushtucker and native plants will be incorporated.

Our historians spent two years mapping 255 significant places (working closely with members of the City’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel). In 2011, this research featured in a booklet, Barani/Barrabugu (Yesterday/Tomorrow), which links these places along a walking trail which visitors and locals alike can explore.

Barani/Barrabugu (Yesterday/Tomorrow) is not just any booklet. It takes readers on a journey that leaves no stone unturned or fact glossed over. Featuring exceptional archival images and reproductions of significant artworks, it traces Aboriginal stories from the time of first contact to contemporary urban life in Redfern, Alexandria, Glebe and Waterloo.

You can watch a video from the launch of Barani/Barrabugu here.

The bigger Eora Journey project is likely to link with the Glebe to Rushcutters Bay foreshore walk and the Cultural Ribbon. Ultimately, we’ll be unveiling an Aboriginal cultural centre – the first of its kind in Sydney.

Towards 2030 we are creating the Eora Journey around Sydney to:

  • celebrate Indigenous culture
  • explore Sydney’s history
  • connect Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

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