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Meet Nicky Ginsberg – when this art dealer came across the former Sydney City Mission building in Chippendale’s Little Queen Street, she knew the converted 19th century church would be the perfect venue for her new gallery. Find out more.

Meet Angeline Penrith – her childhood memories of watching her mum Bronwyn’s relentless fight for Aboriginal self-determination and wellbeing have inspired her to spread the incredible history and stories of her people. Find out more.  


The Area

The Redfern Street area is characterised by distinct neighbourhoods – from large- and medium-scale social housing estates to terrace houses, warehouse streetscapes to small-scale commercial and retail premises.

The area retains strong cultural heritage links and land ownership of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Along Sydney University’s border, Chippendale and Darlington provide a quiet neighbourhood atmosphere in tree-lined streets. Redfern Park, Prince Alfred Park and Victoria Park provide valuable local green space, with pocket parks dispersed throughout the area.

Recent additions to the traditional retail spines of Redfern and Regent Streets include retro furniture and clothing shops, and small eateries. The coming decade will see considerable change with the large scale urban developments of Central Park (CUB site), State Government redevelopment of its social housing precinct and the Pemulwuy project.

The People

Redfern Street communities are known for their cultural, ethnic and economic diversity. The area hosts inner Sydney’s largest public housing estate, home to 5,000 tenants and has a significant Aboriginal population.

People value the area’s working-class roots, while emerging creative entrepreneurship is renewing once-derelict properties. An increasing number of professionals are moving into the area, and the proximity of Sydney University means it is home to many academics and students. Unemployment is higher than the Sydney average.

The population of 20,300 is expected to increase to approximately 24,800 by 2030.

City Projects & Services

Some projects the City has completed or are underway through our Local Action Plans and Sustainable Sydney 2030 include:

Parks, Streets and Facilities

  •  Award-winning Redfern Park and Oval renewal, including new trees, lights, park furniture and children’s playground; and restoration of historic features. Improvements to the oval created more space, removed concrete walls, replaced old grandstands, and provided new sports training facilities
  • Redfern and Regent Streets revitalised with wider footpaths and new trees, paving, street furniture and lighting, including the ‘Bower Bird’ public artwork
  • Prince Alfred Park and Coronation Centre renewal, including new basketball courts, tennis courts and children’s playground; and soon to be complete redevelopment of the swimming pool complex
  • Buckland, Myrtle and Meagher Streets upgraded with wider footpaths, new pedestrian crossings and increased landscaping, including raingardens
  • Local parks renewed, including Yellowmundee Park, Hugo Reserve, Pemulwuy Park, Dibbs Street Reserve, Charles Kernan Reserve, Reconciliation Park, Balfour Street Park, Douglass Street Park, Jack Shuttleworth Reserve and Peace Park
  • Victoria Park renewed, including an outdoor fitness circuit, pool improvements and a new playground. The Gardener’s Lodge will be restored as a café
  • Victoria Park Pool, heated and open all year, offers health and recreation services
  • Abercrombie Street improvements planned to increase tree planting and landscaping, with wider footpaths for pedestrians and outdoor dining


  • Draft City Plan, prepared with extensive consultation and urban design studies, establishes new planning controls to balance preservation of our distinctive villages with the need for housing and office, retail and industrial space

Culture and Community

  • Barani/Barrabugu (Yesterday/Tomorrow) guide, completed to showcase the history and culture of Aboriginal Sydney – a first step in the Eora Journey project
  • Redfern Community Centre, which provides exhibition and performance space, Elders’ lounge, sound recording studio, commercial kitchen and outdoor amphitheatre
  • The youth program and after school and vacation care includes cultural, educational and recreational programs
  • Pine Street Creative Arts Centre, including opportunities for people unable to attend mainstream programs
  • Over 55s services at the Ron Williams Centre, including transport, Meals on Wheels, free computer use and an on-site community worker and recreational activities
  • 107 Redfern Street, purchased for a future multi-purpose community facility and library
  • Waterloo Youth Facility, modernised and now with a ‘green roof’, next to the ‘Fernside’ Waterloo Skate Park, Sydney’s first skate park modelled on an urban streetscape
  • A Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (GLBT) Project Coordinator helps with access and advocacy
  • Memorandum of Understanding with Housing NSW and regular public housing tenant meetings to give public housing tenants the opportunity to raise concerns and ask questions of the City, Housing NSW and the police
  • A Public Housing Liaison Officer supports public housing tenants
  • Village to Village shuttle bus linking Redfern to Broadway to provide access to shopping and Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, and Redfern to Woolloomooloo including St Vincent’s Hospital
  • Safe cycling encouraged through free cycling confidence and bike maintenance courses
  • Responsible pet ownership supported with a companion animals officer and free obedience classes


  • South Sydney Business Chamber funding to increase membership across south Sydney and attract new business to the area. A local business precinct coordinator supports local economic development
  • Community and matching grants, including support for the James Street Community Garden; Sustainable Chippendale demonstration project; Factory CommunityCentre for a rooftop farm, Cycle Re-Cycle Club and a
    Youth Leadership Project; South Sydney Community Aid Multicultural Neighbourhood Centre for social and recreational programs for elderly Chinese residents; St Barnabas Anglican Church for a Christmas concert
  • Cultural grants, with support for Gondwana Choirs to run choral workshops with Glebe Public, Alexandria Park Community, Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St James schools; Bell Shakespeare for a storytelling and Shakespeare program at Darlington Public School; and local Indigenous artists from Moogahlin Performing Arts group

Your Vision?

What is your vision for your area? Here are some suggestions -

  • Redfern and Regent Streets are a lively ‘main street’ shopping precinct, with new community and cultural facilities providing a focus for residents and community organisations
  • ‘Eora Journey’ celebrates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and heritage with a walking trail from Redfern to the Harbour linking significant sites, public art and a cultural centre
  • The Eveleigh precinct is renewed with heritage protected, public and educational uses, new pedestrian connections and a redeveloped, accessible Redfern train station
  • Railway tracks between Redfern and Central are covered by a network of homes, shops, streets and parks to reconnect Redfern, Surry Hills and Chippendale
  • Adequate public transport and safe walking and bike riding routes reduce vehicle congestion and allow residents to get to parks, shops, work, school and cultural facilities
  • Creative industries, including artists’ studios and galleries, flourish to create cultural and economic opportunities
  • Residents from diverse backgrounds and economic groups connect through community projects


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  • Victoria Park Pool
  • Victoria Park
  • Prince Alfred Park Bastketball Courts
  • Prince Alfred Park Play Equipment

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