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2030 in Your Village:

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The City of Sydney thanks everyone who was involved in planning for the future of their local neighbourhood, suburb and village as part of the 2030 in Your Village program.

Over March and April 2012 we held workshops for each of our 10 village groups – CBD & Harbour; Chinatown & CBD South; Crown & Baptist Streets; Glebe Point Road; Green Square & City South; Harris Street; King Street; Macleay Street & Woolloomooloo; Oxford Street; and Redfern Street. You can see a map of the village group areas at the bottom of this page.

We asked people how they envisioned their neighbourhood in 2030 and how the City could work with them to protect and improve villages over coming decades.

The City’s village communities made suggestions ranging from supporting local services; improving public transport, bike riding and walking; parking; opportunities to green apartments; support for local businesses; community initiatives to connect and meet neighbours; safety and cleanliness, and much more.  The City received over 4,700 suggestions, ideas and concerns.

The City is using the comments and ideas to draft a plan for each village group, for Council’s consideration and funding in future budgets.

Each 2030 in Your Village plan will be placed on public exhibition for community feedback before being finalised.

Next steps

Using comments from the workshops and other submissions, a village plan for each village group is being prepared for Council’s consideration and funding in future budgets. Council will consider the plans in an open meeting you can address.

For more information contact the City’s Village Planning Team:

  • Kate Read: 9265 9956
  • Allison Heller: 9288 5929

2030 in Your Village follows on from the City’s Local Action Plan Strategy 2007-2010.


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Be involved and have your say! We invite you to be involved in planning for the future of your local neighbourhood, suburb and village in 2030.

In 2005/2006, we developed Local Action Plans (LAP) in consultation with you to honour our City of Villages commitment and strengthen the character of our local villages. Most projects in those plans are underway or complete—ranging from new facilities to streetscape improvements; park renewals to grants programmes.

Through 2007, we undertook further extensive research and consultation to develop Sustainable Sydney 2030—our long-term vision to make Sydney environmentally, economically, socially and culturally sustainable. Many of those 2030 projects are now being delivered.

As the City develops new community-based projects, we again invite you to work with us. We want to hear from as many people as possible so that we can work together to protect and improve our City of Villages.

Clover Moore
Lord Mayor

Village Group Maps

  • Redfern Street
  • Oxford Street
  • King Street
  • Macleay Street & Woolloomooloo
  • Chinatown & CBD South
  • Harris Street
  • CBD & Harbour
  • Green Square & City South
  • Glebe Point Road
  • Crown & Baptist Streets