An artist's impression of light rail on George Street

Light rail

All over Sydney, roads are increasingly congested; in the City Centre, drivers often face long delays. We’ve been working with the NSW Government to improve conditions, but many are band aid solutions. The only real solution is better public transport, including light rail in central Sydney.

Transport in inner Sydney once revolved around trams, which criss-crossed the city, taking people to the east, north and south. Tram travel peaked in the 1930s, when about 1,600 cars ran the rails at any one time. Everyone travelled by tram. Since then, Sydney’s population has exploded and so has the number of cars, buses, taxis, motorcycles and scooters on the road. Now, severe traffic congestion costs us all time and money.

Extension of light rail between Central Station and Circular Quay will form a high-capacity link through the city’s heart.  It will replace hundreds of slow and inefficient buses, and reliably move up to 9000 people every hour.

George Street will then reclaim its position as Sydney’s premier street, with some blocks closed to traffic between Bathurst and Hunter Streets. The shops, offices, apartments, cafes, bars, clubs, theatres, hotels and churches along the strip could throw open their doors to a boulevard, not a bottleneck.

The City is committed to working in partnership with the NSW Government in delivering its light rail project. We’ve already put aside $220 million for widened footpaths, new drainage, street lighting and signs, landscaping and traffic management work to accompany light rail on George Street.

Towards 2030, we’re committed to working with the NSW Government to deliver light rail and:

    • ease congestion
    • increase pedestrian safety
    • cut carbon emissions
    • revitalise George Street
    •  benefit CBD businesses
    • create a sustainable Sydney

Sydney 2030: green, global and connected. Go to the strategic directions.