A car share vehicle parked in a designated parking space in inner Sydney.

Car sharing

In a big city with limited parking and heavy traffic, nothing makes more sense than car sharing. Signing up to a car share scheme means people can drive when they need to, without all the worries and costs associated with owning a car – parking, permits, meters, insurance, and maintenance included.

It’s simply a matter of joining the scheme (a membership fee applies), booking a car in advance and picking up the nearest one. You then pay an hourly and/or per kilometre fee for usage.

The City of Sydney is supporting car sharing by creating parking spots especially for shared vehicles. We’re also asking developers to include car share spaces when they build car parks under new apartment buildings.

Car share membership has been growing apace; exceeding even our expectations. More than 10,800  Sydney residents and businesses are now members. We even heard from a couple who joined up just so they could drive a share car vehicle to the hospital on the day their baby was due to be born!

Towards 2030, we are supporting car share schemes to:

  • reduce the number of private cars on the road
  • ease pressure on limited on-street parking spaces
  • encourage people to think differently about transport.

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