Cyclists and pedestrians on Pyrmont Bridge.

Explore in 2030:

New ways of getting around town


Sydney in 2030 is a city you’ll want to get out and explore.

Exploring the city in 2030 is all about getting around sustainably and discovering the new and upgraded places  we’re working on to revitalise Sydney.

We’ve done extensive research and discovered that more and more people are enjoying walking and cycling in Sydney. Trips on foot and by bike are growing faster than the number of trips people are taking by car. We’re harnessing this trend by making walking and cycling a safe and pleasant experience for everyone.

We’re supporting the NSW Government in delivering a light rail network through the centre of the city. We also support car sharing for when a motor vehicle is necessary.

There’s plenty of places to go and things to do in Sydney. We’re making the most of our beautiful natural setting by reconnecting the heart of the city with the harbour. We’re also breathing new life into the cultural precincts around town.

One of our key services is of course to provide residents, people who work in the city and our visitors with facilities where they can meet, relax and have fun. The City’s pools, parks and public squares are being revitalised because they contribute to the beauty and liveability of the city, and they are the cornerstones of community life.