A group of people discuss the City of Sydney at an event in the Town Hall

Partnerships and consultations

The city has a number of guises – leader, advocate, partner and stakeholder – as it represents Sydney’s interests locally and internationally.

We play a collaborative role on the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors, which works with the Federal Government to secure investment and coordinated planning for Australian cities. Most of the nation’s population lives in a capital city.

In 2011, we cemented a long-term partnership with Sydney’s leading universities to apply critical research to strategies, policies and projects that affect the city.  Services such as planning, city design and public art will benefit from the research.

Towards 2030, we are working in partnership and in consultation to:

  • provide leadership and vision
  • develop integrated solutions
  • represent the City’s interests on a local, state and national level.

Sydney 2030: green, global and connected. Go to the 2030 strategic directions.