Looking down the corridor at Sydney Town Hall


The City of Sydney’s day-to-day operations, activities and workplans are governed by a complex and rigorous corporate planning process, which is completed in accordance with NSW legislation. Our four-year corporate plans set the City’s objectives and outlines the major projects, programs and services we will undertake to meet our goals. Most importantly, the corporate planning process outlines how our objectives will be measured.

As we move towards Sydney 2030 we continue to incorporate your vision and our progress into new strategic and resourcing plans. The original Sustainable Sydney 2030 document has been updated to ensure that its objectives stay in line with NSW legislation. The new Community Strategic Plan (adopted in 2011) supersedes the Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan. It contains the most current objectives and actions, with much less background detail.

The Community Strategic Plan (PDF) is supported by the current 4-year Corporate Plan (PDF) and a detailed Operational Plan (PDF), including budget that sets out Council’s projects and activities for each year. These documents are all underpinned by a Resourcing Strategy (PDF) including an asset management plan, workforce plan and a long term financial plan.

Through good governance, the City of Sydney maintains the highest standards of due process, due diligence, efficiency and transparency in its decision making to ensure long–term financial sustainability.

Visit the resources page to download more Sydney 2030 documents.