The exterior of Customs House, decorated for Sydney 2030

Carbon neutral council

The City of Sydney became carbon neutral years ago by using energy efficiency measures, introducing renewable energy and buying offsets. Now we are upping the ante and cutting emissions at the source (all of our operations across the City).

A $6.9 million retrofit of 45 City properties has been completed that will reduce energy and water use by 20% while saving more than $1 million a year on bills.

We’ve earmarked another $12 million for spending on renewable energy over the next five years.

In the great outdoors, we’re rolling out energy-efficient LED street-lights to all public areas Council has responsibility over (including parks and plazas). Fourteen electric cars and more than 35 diesel-electric hybrid trucks now grace the City’s fleet, reducing transport emissions by 30 per cent. We also have 29 hybrid fleet vehicles, and a few years ago retrofitted new exhaust systems to 84 trucks, too.

Towards 2030, we are doing everything we can to make city operations environmentally sustainable to:

• help end our reliance on natural resources
• cut greenhouse emissions
• act on climate change.

Sydney 2030: green, global and connected. Go to the 2030 strategic directions.