Community support

We offer a range of services, programs, and projects to support the community and foster community-building. For example, the City operates activity centres for seniors and services for young people, as well as child care facilities. Our homelessness services help many thousands of people each year.

Looking ahead, we will continue to offer community support to all our residents; many core services fall under this banner. The way we deliver services is constantly being improved and, although key areas will remain, new programs are likely to be introduced as the population — and its needs — grows and changes.

We’ve already identified key areas that require extra effort, such as providing affordable housing, close to the city centre in an increasingly expensive market. Housing has become a key Sydney 2030 initiative.

In the community, we’re supporting local organisations as well. We have a grants program which provides financial support to community organisations that deliver activities, projects or resources to City residents. All sorts of organisations receive grants including homeless peoples groups, sports clubs and programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.

Towards 2030, we’re supporting our communities to:

  • encourage residents to enjoy a rich and rewarding community life
  • help local groups and organisations flourish
  • provide programs and services to everyone in our diverse city – particularly where the need is highest.

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