Five people in discussion around the table at a community meeting

Community engagement

The City of Sydney is committed to engaging with the community and we plan to spend even more time talking and listening to our residents as we continue to implement your vision for 2030.

As we roll out various Sydney 2030, the city will be holding public forums and inviting local residents and business owners to attend. These are listed in our meeting calendar and advertised in local newspapers and in some cases, residents will be notified directly by mail.

Members of the community are of course welcome to attend committee meetings,  after registering, and speak to Councillors directly about specific issues that are on the meeting agenda. Minutes of Council meetings are available online.

Lately we’ve been trying new ways to reach out to the community and hear what they have to say. For example, we are communicating via Facebook and Twitter and we took our ‘Sydney Your Say’ campaign totally online.

As well as talking and listening to our residents directly, the City encourages people to get involved with local resident and community groups. These groups  provide an opportunity for residents to meet their neighbours and get involved in a wide range of issues, such as traffic and transport, city development and parks. See the City of Sydney website for a list of local resident and community groups.