Communities and culture

Sydneysiders love their art and culture  and the City of Sydney sees opportunities to celebrate creativity everywhere. As you know, we support major events and festivals and produce our own. We’re also really into public art and promoting art in the community.

It’s the same deal for culture. Many of our Sydney 2030 initiatives are about communities, opportunities, and culture. For example, we’re focusing on village hubs so that residents have easy access to cultural pursuits — whether it be joining in on the activites at the local library or visiting a learning centre.

We have a very broad defininition of culture because it means different things to different people. Our cultural grants are distributed to all manner of endeavours.

In the year to mid-2013, the City of Sydney gave $3.5 million worth of grants and sponsorships to cultural events large and small. These included local art exhibitions and theatre programs, as well as major festivals and productions