A couple perform a salsa dance at a class for residents aged 55 and over

Community in 2030:

The cornerstone of society

Community in 2030

Sydney is made up of many diverse communities. The City of Sydney values diversity and supports all residents in their pursuit of a rich and rewarding community life.

In the lead up to 2030, we’re committed to initiating and supporting local projects that help people connect with each other. Its all about encouraging a sense of belonging and social wellbeing in our communites.

In many respects our focus is on two main areas, culture and sustainability, in line with our Sydney 2030 objectives. Supporting communities and culture goes a long way towards achieving our aims around connecting people and fostering a sense of belonging and wellbeing. Our focus on green living in the community, meanwhile, contributes greatly to our overall sustainability goals.

As we work to change and improve the City between now and 2030, our committment to community engagement means we will be talking and listening to residents, business owners, workers and visitors at every step of the way. Sydney 2030 is your vision; we are implementing it for you.

Of course, we will continue to offer community support to all our residents; many core services fall under this banner. The way we deliver services is constantly being improved and, although key areas will remain, additional programs are likely to be introduced as the population grows and changes.