Business in 2030:

Advantages to greening your business

Green business

There are many advantages to greening your business and absolutely no disadvantages (that we can think of anyway). Firstly, you can save money by using water and energy resources more efficiently and improving your waste management techniques – you’ll be surprised at the reduction in operating costs.

By signing up for a sustainability program, you can receive the latest industry-specific information and learn from experts who’ve already done the research on enhancing business practices through environmental efficiencies.

Importantly, you can find out how to enhance your green reputation and promote it to existing customers and suppliers – you’ll probably find yourself attracting new business, too.

Finally, programs aimed at the business community give you professional guidance and support as you make the switch to sustainability.

In this section, you can also find out more about our planned roll-out of local electricity precincts. By bringing the power source to the city, we can cut transmission losses and cutting costs.