A group of friends sharing a toast inside one of the city's small bars

Fine grains and big ideas

We are working with the business community in many ways to make it known that Sydney is a globally competitive and innovative city.

One of the City’s coolest programs focuses on the ‘fine grain’ – or nitty gritty of the city. It’s helped quirky small bars spring up in laneways and, more recently, has expanded to embrace all sorts of attention-grabbing ideas to re-invent under-used spaces. Often, City grants go a long way towards set-up costs.

At the absolute other end of the spectrum, the City also offers different levels of support (including value in kind and revenue foregone sponsorships) to organisers of major creative events. These can be any sort of event linked with the creative sector which promises to deliver significant economic benefits to Sydney.

Towards 2030, we’re looking at the fine grain of the City to:

  • reinvent under-used spaces
  • support innovative business ideas
  • invigorate laneways
  • create a city that people can explore and enjoy.

Sydney 2030: green, global and connected. Go to the 2030 strategic directions.