Crowds crossing the road in the heart of the city's retail district

City economy

To really support the city’s economy, we did a lot of research and decided to base our strategy on four key areas that represent enormous, not-to-be-missed opportunities for Sydney.

The first two areas may be seem obvious – the retail sector and tourism. The second two are a little less so. They are the international students who come to live in the local area for a period of time, and what we call the ‘night-time economy’.


Through our Talking Shop seminars and e-newsletter, we are working with retailers to build networks and put business owners in touch with people who can help make their business grow.  All City of Sydney business initiatives feature our OPEN branding, which sums up our approach. We’re open to opportunities, open for business, open to talk shop, open to all your new ideas and feedback.

Note that the City of Sydney is also working on the economic development of our Village Centres, which connect residents with each-other and local business owners.


Tourism injects serious money into Sydney’s economy and we work closely with relevant sectors to harness the opportunities our various festivals, public and community events present each year. In partnership with tourism bodies, businesses, tourism operators and organisations and the education sector, we’re building Sydney’s standing as an eminent destination.

The night time economy

The City is developing a policy that will broaden the range of night time offering and provide clear direction for Sydney’s night time economy over the next 20 years, balancing public safety and economic and residential growth. See the city at night for more. Food trucks are just one example of our efforts to provide more options for more people at night.

International students

Thousands of people from all over the world come here to study at our major universities and a host of private colleges. We are working on helpful guide books that will direct those who are new to Sydney to local businesses and retailers. The Lord Mayor also hosts welcome events for international students.

Towards 2030, we’re focusing on the city economy to:

    • strengthen competitiveness
    • invest in communities and people
    • improve our global  status
    • nurture social capital
    • promote Sydney.

Sydney 2030: green, global and connected. Go to the  strategic directions.