View of the city skyline at sunset

Global business

Sydney is Australia’s only truly global city.  A global city is measured by its infrastructure, amenities, natural assets and of course links with the world economy. In global cities, capital, goods and services, people and ideas are constantly flowing.

The City of Sydney is working to make sure local businesses remain globally competitive. We’ve teamed up with the NSW Government to attract major business events to Sydney and to establish a new Retail Advisory Panel. By bringing together retailers, the City and the state government, the panel can shape the future of retail growth.

The panel aims to cement Sydney’s reputation as Australia’s best shopping destination and one of its first tasks has been to identify and capitalise on retail opportunities from major events and tourism campaigns. Retail is just one of the areas we’re focussing on in our bid to support the city’s economy.

Through a range of grants and sponsorships, we’re also looking at small businesses that support the fine grain and big ideas that make a splash. Towards 2030, we’re building on these and other strengths to increase Sydney’s standing as a globally competitive city.